Philosophy by Rahmel Garner Review

This is a very quick and easy yet complex read. It was very enlightening. It’s definitely the type of book that really gets your brain going. I especially loved the poetic parts. I read most of it out loud to my dogs. They didn’t really appreciate that. Other than a few little typos, there really wasn’t anything wrong with this book. It could use a little polish, but most books out there can. It doesn’t matter how many times a book is gone through. Mistakes will always be found. I really loved the author’s witty references and way of speaking. It was humorous and entertaining. It was also educational and inspiring. I fully recommend this peace. I was blown away by how amazing it was to read. It definitely exceeded my expectations of it for sure. 5 StarsFormat: Kindle E-Book

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Living The Oath Review

Dominico comes from a very strong family in Italy. After refusing to join the military, his arrest becomes inevitable. It’s then that his family receives some luck and are given all they need to move to America. Dominico is given another chance and a fresh start in America. Will he make the right choices or will he go down dark paths?I really adored this book! I actually felt like I was a part of the people around me. Dominico starts as a very troubled thief who crosses a capo and gets on his bad side. He finds friendship and a mentor with a man he meets in prison who takes him under his wing. I just couldn’t help but adore many of the characters in this book. Yes, they weren’t exactly on the side of the law, but all of them were honorable and doing what they felt was the best thing. Especially Dominico. He did right by the people he loved and cared for.The only thing I had a problem with was that some of the time forwards weren’t really marked. At the beginning, they were pretty decently marked out, but at the end, it kind of stopped. I didn’t realize what year the last part was until the very end. Other than that, the flow was great. There were hardly any typos if there were any at all. It was great.I fully recommend this book. It was a very moving book. I actually felt like I was a full out member of the Family. I felt like I was a part of the world that I was immersed in. It was wonderful. I didn’t want to stop reading it! 5 StarsFormat: E-Book On Kindle

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First Weekly Reading Results (4/10-4/16)

I have hereby decided to post a weekly log of my reading. It was inspired by a thread for Dewey’s Readathon. Yeah, I know. I’m so original. You don’t have to tell me what I already know. Lol. I have also started a Patreon page. I’m really nervous about it. I’ll post the link here and it’ll be followed by the results: Read: 4.1Hours Listened: 0Pages Read: 124Books Finished: 1TuesdayHours Read: 2.48Hours Listened: 4.15Pages Read: 41Books Finished: 0WednesdayHours Read: 3.63Hours Listened: 0Pages Read: 88Books Finished: 1ThursdayHours Read: 0Hours Listened: 0Pages Read: 0Books Finished: 0FridayHours Read: 2.47Hours Listened: 2.05Pages Read: 55Books Finished: 1SaturdayHours Read: 3.72Hours Listened: 5.75Pages Read: 43Books Finished: 0SundayHours Read: 3.75Hours Listened: 3.98Pages Read: 43Books Finished: 0TotalOverall Hours Read: 20.23Overall Hours Listened: 15.93Overall Pages: 394Overall Books: 3That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this! Next week I’ll include the books I read during the week. I didn’t think to do it this week. I’ll be posting results every Monday morning after the readathon is over. I’ll also try to make at least one blog post a day during the week. I won’t be making blog posts on weekends due to the readathons. If you like these blogs and would love to see them continue and grow, please consider sharing them and supporting my Patreon. Thanks for reading!

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Moments Like This

For those of you who know me, you know I have not ever thought really highly of myself. Not a lot of people know this, but many days I struggle with feeling like I just can’t do anything right. I feel like I don’t even deserve to be alive. I know there are a lot of people out there who face that battle every day. I can’t tell you how overwhelming the feeling is. I can’t begin to describe how much just shutting out the world around me helps me cope and overcome the war. Those who go through it are strong even though we don’t see it. That’s the thing. I know I have a lot to live for. I know that I have people who care about me. It doesn’t stop the fears though. It doesn’t stop the anxiety. It doesn’t even stop the sense of worthlessness. People speak to me about things and I overreact. I know I do. I can’t help it. What they have said to me is something that’s been eating away at me for a long time. So my anxiety latches on and I feel like it’s obvious I am a loser because clearly everybody around me feels the same way that I inwardly feel about myself. Is that fair? No. I’ll be honest, but it’s not something I can control. It’s not like I want to get upset when somebody is trying to give me constructive criticism. I want to follow their advice. I want to do what they feel is appropriate. If people lived five seconds inside my head, they would understand.I know you’re thinking, what’s your point? Heck, many people are probably done reading this. They have chalked it off as somebody who’s just looking for pity over the internet. Isn’t it sad that if you suffer from a mental disorder or a low sense of self-worth that they’re considered an attention seeker who just cries and whines because they need attention in their lives? Sometimes I have moments where I realize the beauty in my life. Especially when my Quil is cuddled up against me like I’m the best person in the entire world. When he looks at me like I’m the greatest person in his entire world. I know he’s just a dog, but those moments make me feel special and important. They take away my anxiety and fears. They make me feel like I’m special. I know I have some human family and friends who are the same way with me. I get it. Somehow it’s different though. Somehow my mind can trick me into thinking that they are just being nice so they don’t hurt my feelings. I know deep down that’s not the case. I guess what I’m trying to say is that at the end of the day, I know I’ll be okay. I know I have people who care and want me around. I know that I am strong enough to get through this. I’m strong enough to follow my dreams and make something of myself. I hope that if you’re reading this and that you go through the struggles that you realize you aren’t alone. There’s always someone to reach out to if you need somebody to talk to. Somebody who truly understands and gets it. I am one of those people. Ignore those who think you’re just seeking attention. That does nothing but bring you down and make you feel more worthless. Trust me when I say that everybody has worth. Everybody is amazing in their own way. Thank you for reading this.

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Exotiqa Review

Fione is trying to adapt to the ever growing use of technology around her. She’s also trying to bring awareness to how wrong and dangerous the FlexBots are around her. Can she convince her friends and family that something seems to be off about the newest technology and it’s release? Maci is a Flex Bot that was created by ImaTech. Unlike the rest of the bots though, she seems to have a strong sense of self-awareness. Sensing danger in the latest program, she flees for fear of having it downloaded into her system. I was very intrigued by this book from the moment I got it. I wasn’t disappointed. It was great! I loved the story and the technology in it. Both of the heroines in the story were remarkable in their own rights. I read a book awhile back called Freelancer. This book was very similar to that, but more action packed and in two points of view instead of just one. I’m not saying they lack originality. I loved both. They are both great reads!I really didn’t have too many problems with this book at all. I feel like it could use a light polish to get rid of some typos, but as a writer myself, I know that you will never see a perfectly typo free book. You can edit a book a thousand times and still find things wrong with it. I also wish that some of the characters had a bigger role in the matter. Other than that, I didn’t really see anything wrong with it.I do fully recommend this book. If they are into science fiction dystopian type books, then this is a great read. I was very impressed with it and I found myself wanting to just read and read to the very end. I can’t wait to see the other books in this series. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I drew so many parallels to Freelancer, which only made me love this book more! I also drew some parallels to Jurassic Park. 5 StarsFormat: E-Book On Kindle

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The Real You Review

Things are changing for Paige. She’s just getting out of a ten-year marriage that was full of mental abuse and heartache. She leans on her sister for support who talks her into going with her to a movie set that one of their favorite actors is going to be in. From there, it seems like anything deemed as impossible suddenly becomes possible. Including meeting the actor and his amazing brother Kellen.I loved this book! I can’t tell you how often I was on the edge of my seat wanting to keep moving forward. I’ve read many books by this author and they are all the same. They care clean and wholesome, but they are filled with suspense that keeps you on edge to the very last page. The only critique I have is that some of the characters were backgrounded a little too much. I wish they could have had a little more importance of a role in the book, but the book was still amazing!The narrator did an amazing job. I loved her pronunciation. It was very precise. I feel like she brought all of the characters to life with her narration. My only critique is that I wish she’d given Kellen a bit of a more rugged voice with some sexy undertones. Other than that, she made this book even more enjoyable!I fully recommend this book and this author! I can not wait to dive into the next book and the third when it’s released! This is one of my favorite authors of all times. She doesn’t use sex or violence in her books. She focuses more on the story itself. That’s amazing to me. I feel like because of that, people of all ages could read and enjoy her books. I really enjoyed this book particularly. It’s one of my favorites now. Not just because Kellen makes me swoon. That’s just an added perk! 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

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Lessons From Shadow Review

This book was a collection of short little essays and lessons that Shadow has learned in her life. She wants to pass them to other animals and children so that they can learn and grow and understand better. This book, of course, is translated by her human father.I loved this book. I thought it was very adorable and very touching. I read the story to my dogs over the span of a week or so. They seemed somewhat into it. At least they humored me. I thought that the book was very imaginative and I could see it helping children out so much with things. I’m still deciding on whether or not to keep it around for when I’m around children or have my own or donating it to my local library so children can enjoy it.There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this book. The pictures were so adorable. The lessons were very captivating. It was just an all around adorable book. I fully recommend it for parents to read to their children. Even the fur babies. I enjoyed it so much and I’m glad I came across it! 5 StarsFormat: Physical Book

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Review

I was really excited to read this because I am a very big fan of the movies. All versions of course. I wasn’t expecting to grow very bored with it. I had to reread it twice to fully comprehend what I was reading. I really had to push myself to finish the book. I mean I didn’t hate it. I was just very bored with it. I wonder if I’m the only one who struggled with this. Either way, I do fully recommend it. Maybe people will get more out of it than I did. At least I can say I gave it a try! 3 StarsFormat: E-Book From Serial Reads

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The Right One Review

Cami dreams of starting a sanctuary for abused and confiscated cats. She’s very passionate about it and goes against many people to continue with her dream. Alex adores Cami. He has for most of his life. He will do whatever it takes to help her succeed in her dream. But can he make her realize that they are more than just a great team and best friends? I loved this book! It was beautiful and very informative. I felt all the emotions that I was supposed to feel. I did get a little frustrated with Cami’s behavior now and then, but I got why she was being the way she was. I adored her. I adored all the characters. I even felt like I was connected with the three best friends. The narrator did a really great job with this as well. I didn’t really care for her voices for the males, but she didn’t do a horrible job. I’d definitely listen to more books narrated by her. I fully recommend this book. I recommend all the books by this author. Her books are clean and wholesome. They are also action-packed and full of suspense. I am always on the edge of my seat when I’m reading her books. 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

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My Future Career Plans

To say that I have many ideas and dreams would be an understatement. I’ve always loved variety all of my life. I’m not sure if it’s just in my personality or if it’s a nasty habit of my ADHD. Regardless, I’d love to share some of these passions and goals with you.1. Essential Oils I have a strong passion for essential oils. I’ve done a lot of research over the past year or so and I know with all that’s in me that it’s something that I want to pursue. Eventually, I’d like to get to a point where I can make my own essential oils, but I know I have outlets out there in the mean time. I’d also love to make and sell homemade items, such as bath bombs, using the oils. It may sound silly, but it’s something I’m really passionate about.2. Narrating Audiobooks I want to say, that I know that I will need a lot of equipment. I also know that I will need a very quiet environment. I’m okay with this. I’m okay with the cost it will take to get all of this started. Do you know why? Because this is something I’d love to do. It’s something that will make me feel happy and accomplished at the end of the day. It’s something that I really would enjoy doing! I still need to do a lot of research on this. Especially the legal parts, but it’s all worth it in the end to me.3. Podcasts I’m actually not sure if this one would make money. I’d love to have a weekly podcast where I just talk about books. I think it would be cool to even interview authors on the podcast. What better way to expose great authors?! I think it would even be cool to read the first chapter or two of a book on the podcast so people would hear how awesome the book is. That would be with authors permission of course. 4. Writing. Blogging. Books I love writing. It’s no secret. I’d love to eventually be able to spend more time editing the writing I have and publishing it. I’d also love to keep on blogging and get an audience who appreciates what I have on my blog page. It would be something that I’d really enjoy doing. Plus, you have no idea how humbling it is to know that people appreciate your work. 5. Photography I’d love to be able to travel all over the place and take pictures of all the amazing things I’d see. I’d love to make calendars and sell photos. I’d love to edit photos with inspirational things that come to me on a whim. I’d love to just follow my passions and share them with the world. That’s the plans I have for my future. I guess some would say they are silly and pointless, but I don’t feel that way. I am very passionate about all of these and I can’t wait to make them a reality. I’m not looking to become rich or famous. I’m just looking to earn a living doing the things I love the most. It’s not about popularity or anything like that. The followers I gain and make on the way will be very much appreciated. Always. I will always remember my journey and appreciate those who helped me on the way

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