Red Queen Review

Mare Barrow is a red blood. Not that she minds that. She’d rather be a red blood than a stuck up silver blood. What she does mind is that if she doesn’t find a job soon, she will be forced into enlisting in a war that none of the red bloods believe in or understand. Finding it hard to find a job, she resorts to picking people’s pockets. That is until she picks the someone’s pocket and gets caught. Expecting the worst, she is surprised when she’s not only not punished, but she’s offered a pretty amazing job. But that’s where the fortune ends. Due to a freak accident, it’s discovered that Mare has a gift. Until then, only silver bloods were believed to have gifts. Because of this, she is forced to pretend she’s something she’s not so that nobody catches wind of the fact that a lowly red blood has a gift.I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would! If I could have read it all in one sitting, I believe I would! I especially didn’t expect the twist that happened that I will not get into due to the fact that I encourage people to read this book and don’t believe in spoilers. I saw a reviewer post about Mare’s attitude. While I agree with their assessment, I also disagree. Red bloods were raised to believe they were worthless. They periodically get treated horribly by the silver bloods. So it’s only natural that a red blood would have an attitude and mistrust towards silver bloods.The narrator of this did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with her! She took an already action-packed and intense story and made it even more intense. She put life into the character and the stories. I like narrators like this and one day I will make note of all the ones I’ve liked because of this and go back and read more books they’ve narrated.I really do recommend this book. I loved it so much that I knew I had to get my hands on the rest of the series. I haven’t read them yet, but I plan to. I’m so excited to do so. I may even claim the gap in reading as an excuse to re-read this book! Either way, this is a really great read!

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The Master Magician Review

Ceony has been an apprentice for two years and she feels ready to take the test to become a magician. Her mentor agrees with her, but he feels that people may accuse him of favoritism if he gives her the test so he sends her to a fellow folder for her testing. As if that isn’t bad enough, news of a dangerous criminal escaping has unsettled everything for Ceony. She’s also holding onto a pretty heavy secret that could change everything for magicians.I didn’t have any questioning of whether I’d be into this book when I started it. It was interesting from the very beginning. I guess that’s more because of how the last book ended and transitioned into the beginning of this book more than anything. I do wish a little more action had been put into this story though. I feel like there were parts that were rushed over that just shouldn’t have been.The narrator was just simply amazing. I can not complain about her at all. Nor can I rave about her enough. She has a lot of talent and I fully recommend her as a narrator for books. She has a way to individualize every character and bring them and the story to life to where you just can’t get enough of it!This trilogy was amazing. I plan to go back and actually read it again in the future. I saw somewhere there would be a fourth book. If so, I can not wait to get my hands on it! I really thought I’d be okay with this trilogy at best. I never expected to absolutely fall in love with it like I did. I did though and I recommend it fully! 5 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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The Glass Magician Review

Ceony thought that the danger was over. She saved the magician she was apprenticing and put an end to the threat. She didn’t expect to be targeted for revenge for what she did. She also didn’t expect to have to hide a budding relationship with her mentor from everybody around her.I have to be very honest, when I first started reading this book, I was trying to figure out why there was a need for sequels. Then it all hit at once and I fell into the story without another thought. It may have a very slow start, but the buildup behind it is amazing!The narrator was as amazing in this as she was the first book. I really adored her. I’d love to listen to more books by this narrator. The story was good itself, but she enhanced it even more and brought life to all of the characters.I do recommend this book very strongly. However, I recommend that the reader read the first book before picking this book up. Many references are made to the first book that may cause a reader who didn’t read it to be very confused and not as interested in the story as they would be if they read the first. 5 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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The Paper Magician Review

Ceony Thrill is assigned to apprentice under the famous Emery Thane. Though she is thrilled to be able to apprentice, she is very disappointed. She didn’t want to be a folder. Nobody really does. Which is why there aren’t very many of them. But as she gets to know him and the magic surrounding folding, she becomes more attracted to the skills she can learn. She grows used to her new life until something unexpected happens and she’s left to figure out how to fix things before she loses Emery forever.I have to be honest. I did not think I would enjoy this book at all. I thought it would be silly and very poorly written. I thought that I would not be able to finish the book at all. You will imagine my surprise when I just couldn’t put it down. I finished most of the story in one sitting. Probably would have finished it all in one sitting had I not had some scheduling issues that demanded my time. The narrator was fantastic as well. She really knows how to captivate attention and draw a reader into a story. I fully believe she could get somebody who doesn’t enjoy reading into listening to a full book narrated by her. She’s that good.I do fully recommend this book. I’m glad I decided to give it a chance. I can’t believe I almost missed out on such an amazing story due to being narrow-minded about it. Oh well, I overcame it and read it anyway. That’s what matters in the end, right? Looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy! 5 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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Catacomb Review

The trio have finally finished school. To celebrate, they decide to take one last trip together to help Jordan move and settle in with his uncle. They think that they are finally able to put the past behind them until somebody starts messaging Dan who shouldn’t be alive to message him at all.I have to be honest, I thought this book would fall flat. I thought this would be one of those trilogies that should have just remained a stand alone novel. I’m glad I went against my judgment and read them all anyway. I loved all three books. They were creepy and intense. I was drawn in from the very beginning and I flew through the book.There wasn’t really much I didn’t enjoy about this book. I did feel a few parts were hastily written out. I also feel like certain scenes could have been elaborated more as well. Other than that, the book was really good. I have no complaints at all.I fully recommend this entire trilogy. I fell in love with the covers the second I saw them. They were an impulse buy for me. I do not regret that purchase though. I fell in love with all the stories involved with this trilogy. I will probably reread them many times down the road. If you like creepy horror stories, this is a great trilogy to give a try. 5 StarsFormat: Physical Book

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Extracted Review

Three people from three different time dimensions are extracted moments before they die and sent to another time dimension. They are recruited for the sole purpose of making sure that the world doesn’t end in 2111. Together they work to figure out why they were chosen and train to save the world from being destroyed. I have to say I didn’t really like this book to start out with. I couldn’t get into it. I had to listen to parts over and over again. I almost gave up and just quit reading it all together. I didn’t though. I kept with it. And now I’m glad I did. I can’t say that this book became a favorite. I can’t say that I fell in love with the characters fully. I can say that I really enjoyed the book and I really enjoyed the characters. I can say that I really liked this story very much. It could have been written a little better and the characters could have been a little more relatable, but it was a good book.The narration was great! He gave all the characters their own personality for the most part. Some of the background characters were made to feel a little generic, but maybe that was done on purpose. Who knows? I just loved the English accent! It was amazing! I definitely do recommend this book. It has many different great qualities about it. It has time travel. It has action. It even has a little bit of underlying suspense and intrigue. If the beginning is hard to get into, keep pushing through. It’s worth it. I almost put the book down and now I’m glad I didn’t. I really enjoyed it! I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy! 4 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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Primal Review

Winter is curious about the BDSM world. She finds a club that centers around it and decides to join to see what everything was about. She didn’t expect anything to come of it. She definitely didn’t expect to meet a talk dark and deliciously handsome man who she wants and lusts over. Sorin never expected to meet anybody that he would enjoy more than a night. He didn’t have any plans to settle down or have any serious relationship. All he wanted was a handful of temporary submissives. I wanted to like this storyline. I really did. I just feel it was really hastily thrown together and a bit cringy in some places. It has a very good story idea behind the story though. The characters leave a bit to be desired, though. I wish they would have been more connectable. I didn’t really feel I could understand either of them and their stances. I think I would have liked this a lot better if it had been drawn out a bit more. The narration was okay. I mean it wasn’t really horrible, to be honest. She did a good job considering. I think I would have enjoyed it better if it had been narrated by two different narrators. Other than that, I don’t really have much of an opinion on the narration.I guess if you’re into really spicy and sexual books, this is a really good book for you. It’s a quick and very spicy read. I wouldn’t recommend anybody under the age of eighteen read it of course. I didn’t hate this book. I just think it could use a lot more work. I’m still glad I gave it a chance. Even if it wasn’t my thing. 3 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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World After Review

Penryn has done what no human was believed to be able to do. She killed an Angel and lived to tell about it. Now people everywhere are starting to hope that they might be able to take what the Angels took away and stop the end of the days. But there are still people that are against Penryn. There’s a bounty on her head. She has to find a way to stay hidden from those who wish to bring her down for killing an Angel and come up with a game plan to destroy the Angels’ plan once and for all.I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I just couldn’t get over how everything tied in together so nicely. I didn’t dislike Penryn so much in this one. She was more open minded and nice to other people. She didn’t think of them as beneath her nearly as much as she did. The fact that she really seemed to come into herself helped too. I thought this story would fall flat, but it didn’t. I was very surprised.The narrator did a very great job! I really enjoyed hearing her for all three books. She did a really great job with it. I think if it hadn’t been for how lively she was, I wouldn’t have been nearly as interested in the trilogy as I was. I would definitely listen to other audio books by her. She was fantastic!I not only fully recommend this book, I fully recommend the entire trilogy. I didn’t think I would be interested in it. I thought it would just wind up being weird and sad and depressing. I was completely wrong, and I am completely happy I was wrong! If you are into stories about the end of the world and Fallen Angels, you should definitely give this trilogy a go! 5 StarsFormat: Audiobook

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Dark Tower Review

To start with, I want to apologize for making this review so late. I’ve had like a million things on my mind and haven’t really put much thought into writing blogs, much less reviews. That being said, I’ll get to the review now.For those of you who don’t know, The Dark Tower is a movie adaptation of a popular book in a series by Stephen King. A dark sorcerer is trying to collect these special children that can be used to destroy the dark tower. He manages to find them all but a very powerful seer who has dreams about him and the last known gunslinger. He will stop it at nothing to find this boy and fulfill his plan to destroy the dark tower once and for all.I really liked this movie a lot! It was action packed and horror filled! The characters were amazing! All of the actors and actresses did a really great job! Saw this movie about two or three weeks ago for my birthday and it still sticks with me. Especially the action packed fighting scenes! So amazing!I haven’t read the book. I know! Such a sin! Sadly because of this, I can’t really compare the book and the movie. I do plan to read the series now. Even if it’s nothing like the movie, I still want to read it for myself! I mean I all but have to after watching the movie right?I really am glad that I took the opportunity to watch this movie! I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I thought I’d find it too intense or too boring. I never expected to fall in love with it the way I did! And it’s not even because of certain actors in the movie either! Though, that did tip the scales a bit if I’m being honest! I fully recommend! I’ll be trying to get the DVD when it releases!Rating: 5 Stars

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Sanctum Review

The trio of friends are ready to put the Asylum behind them and move on with their lives. With senior year ahead of them, they have enough on their plate to worry about. But then each of them get a haunting photo of a carnival that looks like it happened many years ago drawing them back to the place they want to forget the most.This book was just as captivating as the first book to me! I actually felt the story flow was better in this book than it was the first honestly. It felt like the author was more comfortable in their skin with this book than she was the first. Either way, the first book was really great as well. I won’t give too much away. I will just say that it was a real page turner.There’s not really much that I didn’t like about this book. I felt like some parts were rushed over that I would have liked to have seen played out more, but that was just me. I’m sure most people like it just the way it is. Other than that, there really weren’t any problems I saw.Like the first book, I fully recommend this book! It’s really amazing. I do have to say that if you aren’t really into horror or haunted and creepy stories that this book or the first one will not be the book for you. If you really are into horror and spooky stories though, this will be an amazing series to sink your teeth into! 5 StarsFormat: Physical Book

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