Episode: Mean Girls Senior Year Review


So I recently downloaded a game called Episode. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, They have many different interactive story lines. You get a certain amount of passes regenerated every couple hours or so. There’s also an option to buy passes or gems, but it’s not necessary. Each story has a certain amount of episodes. It’s kind of fun. In my opinion, it’s like reading a book that you get to choose the route of the story.

As a fan of Mean Girls, I chose to complete the Mean Girls Senior Year one first. It was really awesome. It was kind of like a sequel to Mean Girls that I was actually involved in. I can’t wait until Mean Girls Sorority comes out. I think that’s what they called it. It’s supposed to be out sometime this year.

Anyways, it was really entertaining. I liked that I had to wait a few hours to get more passes. Nothing I hate more than feeling guilty over getting my head stuck in a game and wasting hours. I’m able to play the stories without interrupting my daily routines. Plus, I really do feel like it’s a glorified interactive book. I do fully recommend this app. Look up Episode on Facebook or your app store!

Rating: 5 Stars


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