The Island by Jen Minkman


When citizens of this area turn ten years old, they are considered adults. They are kicked out of their home and forced to move to an island where they remained until they find the person they want to marry. They then move back to their home land to start their own family and raise their own children until they are ten.

I wanted to like this book more than I did, but there were many factors that I struggled to wrap my mind around. For one, I struggle to figure out if this is a Star Wars fan fiction or a real story. Not that there’s anything wrong with fan fiction. I just can’t tell which it is. Maybe it’s a little of both. It’s very obvious that Star Wars references are used in here.

I also feel that this book was very rushed through. I noticed it’s a trilogy/series. I wonder if it would have been better suited as a stand alone with all books mashed together and enhanced upon. I don’t feel there’s a lot of character development here. I also feel there’s a lot of substance left out of the story. I feel like there was a lot of very critical pieces missing to it.

I do feel that the concept of the story itself was wonderful. I love the unique idea. I just think that the author would do well to go back through and enhance and add on to it a little bit. If there’s a rewrite to it, I may consider re-reading it and even picking up the rest of the books. For now though, it just kind of fell flat for me.

Rating: 3 Stars

Format: Audio Book


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