My Thoughts On The World


I asked a few days ago what book topic I should talk about. A great friend of mine (basically one of my soul sisters) commented this. I didn’t think I could fit it into a book related topic, so I decided to talk about it today.

It seems like every day, you turn on the television and social media and hear about somebody being wrongfully killed. You see riots that have caused several injuries, casualties, and damages to many cities. I could go on with the bad news you hear, but I think you can get the point.

As an Empath, this really hurts my heart. Seeing other people in pain, causes me extreme pain. I think about it more than I should. Sometimes, I just have to shut everything off and clear my mind. I feel I would go crazy if I don’t. I feel if I don’t disappear now and then that I can’t function.

I have found though, that if you just keep digging, that you can find good news as well. Here lately, I’ve made it a point to read a piece of good news for every piece of bad news I see. It helps more than you would think.

While the pain of the world hurts me, I know that good still exists. Even when good is hidden. Even though many people’s hearts are filled with hate, there are still people hearts that are filled with love. There is just as much good in the world as there is evil. It may not be as obvious, but it’s there.

I know this isn’t a full answer on my thoughts on the world, but it’s the best I can do without getting too emotional. I will do my best to remain positive. I will continue to see the good in everything and everyone no matter what. It’s just what I do. I’m not ashamed of it.

I forgot to announce my exciting news on Monday, so I’ll type it in here. It’s book related and I will not do this kind of cross over often. Only reason I’m doing it now is I forgot to put the snippet in Monday. Anyways, the news is that I plan to put a spotlight on an author every Monday at the end of my blog! I will write up the paragraph myself and include the author’s link. I’ll scout authors myself and take requests! If you request yourself or someone else, please send me links and picture to go with it! I’m so excited to start this up next week!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on the world in the comments. I’d love to hear them! I post blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please feel free to subscribe to read them all. Please feel free to share them for your friends to read as well. Thank you so much for reading this blog. Your support is much appreciated!



One thought on “My Thoughts On The World

  1. I can’t watch the news at night. Every night it leads off with how many CHILDREN were killed in the city today. At some point, this is no longer news, and we’re only encouraging the evil to perpetuate their evil by getting publicity. I’m not saying to turn a blind eye, but the constant hammering, the daily death count, is overwhelming and has an effect on everyone who sees it. Takes me back to the movie Escape from New York. I’m with you. Sometimes you have to turn away from the crushing bad news and focus on the good.


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