Weight Loss Week #1


So this wasn’t the most amazing week, but it wasn’t horrible either. I can’t complain, but I know there’s a lot I can improve on. I do plan to as time goes on. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself this time. I feel that’s what went wrong the past few times I tried to start this. I feel I discouraged myself too much. As long as I’m progressing and improving and losing weight this time, I’m fine.

I also plan to try to hit goal every day. I plan to increase goal as time goes by, but little at a time. Like I said, I’m not overdoing it and being too hard on myself this time. My daily goal right now is 10,000 steps, 5 miles, 2,678 calories burned, 10 floors, and 30 active minutes. The only goals I’ll really try to hit completely are steps and miles.

My current weight is 232.6. My goal is 120. I will do what it takes to get there. My plan is to be as active as I can. I also plan to start portioning my meals. I have a nice set of vitamins and weight loss pills that I got from a very nice company that I order from every month that I plan on taking again.

Every week, I’ll be posting my results from Friday to Thursday. I’ll also post how I felt I did that week and my current week. I’ll also try to detail how my exercise routines are going. I think getting a treadmill will really help me out a lot, but until I can get one, I’ll settle or the opportunities I have to work with now.

Friday, September 16th:

3,637 Steps
1.49 Miles
2,399 Calories Burned
2 Floors
15 Active Minutes

Saturday, September 17th:

15,010 Steps
6.18 Miles
4,111 Calories Burned
13 Floors
162 Active Minutes

Sunday, September 18th:

11,989 Steps
4.94 Miles
3,819 Calories Burned
6 Floors
85 Active Minutes

Monday, September 19th:

12,132 Steps
4.98 Miles
3,537 Calories Burned
10 Floors
185 Active Minutes

Tuesday, September 20th:

4,344 Steps
1.78 Miles
2,434 Calories Burned
8 Floors
33 Active Minutes

Wednesday, September 21st:

6,839 Steps
2.81 Miles
2,892 Calories Burned
12 Floors
57 Active Minutes

Thursday, September 22nd:

14,664 Steps
6.04 Miles
4,060 Calories Burned
11 Floors
202 Active Minutes


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