I remember getting this book and it’s sequel as a kid. It was taken away from me before I could read all of it. I did read a few stories back then though. I absolutely adored them and these books. I was devastated when the person who took the books away from me couldn’t find where she put them when I was finally deemed old enough to read them. I found this book on sale at a bookstore when I went there with a gift card I had gotten for my birthday. It felt like fate. I picked it up immediately. I read through it every free moment I got and found I still love and adore it. When I finish reading the other two, I’m going to pass this book on to someone who can appreciate it as much as I did as a child. I’m sure I’ll find someone great. My review for the next two books will be different as I had never read them. I felt the need to give background on this one so my review made more sense.

The stories in this are very amusing and captivating. I especially love the ones with suggestions on how to interact when reading these stories to others. I liked the ones that you could just read to yourself better though to be honest. I love the ending and how it explains where all the different stories come from. I love my history, so reading about the history behind these stories was amazing to me. It’s amazing how many stories survived over the past few centuries. I know they all didn’t make it through, but at least some did! Parents, please know that I wouldn’t recommend this for children who are easily scared. I would recommend reading it before you let your child read it so you can see if they are ready for such stories. This is just me. I wouldn’t set an age range on it because there are some children who can handle scary stories at a much younger age than others, and there are some children who are never able to handle them. Either way, it’s a great read and i do recommend it!

Rating: 5 Stars

Format: Physical Book


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