Story #1 Ideas And Development

Journey: A New Beginning

Story idea:

It’s been five years since the zombies have emerged and terrorized our world. We thought all hope was lost until we discovered something important. They can’t enter some lands. Some people have already started building on some of these lands in hopes to recuperate and build again. One day, we will be able to destroy all of the vile creatures who have invaded us. Until then, it’s nice to know we have safe ground. Unless Devin succeeds in his plans. If he does, our hope of a new beginning will be completely lost.


Shaylin: Witch. Main Character. The Princess’ best friend and bodyguard. Has a beautiful rainbow colored unicorn named Lux.

Lillian: Princess. Important part of rebuilding after the Zombie Apocalypse. Without her and her special ability, things could go very badly. Best known as Lilly. Has a beautiful violet colored unicorn named Tawny.

Portia: Elf. Friend and ally to Shaylin and The Princess

Amaya: Elf. Portia’s twin. Also an ally to Shaylin and The Princess.

Twyla: Witch. Character met along the way. Has a beautiful sapphire dragon named Luna.

Merina: Dwarf. The only known female dwarf left alive. Accompanies Twyla as her protector and friend.

Mortis: Prince. Lillian’s big brother. In love with Shaylin. Has a beautiful black unicorn named Trix.

Shade: Elf. Mortis’ best friend and ally. Older brother of Amaya and Portia.

Damon: Fallen God. Protector of the world. The reason there are safe areas left in the world that zombies can’t touch. Has a beautiful cobalt dragon named Xorvintaal.

Torvik: Dwarf. Accompanies Damon and tries to keep him out of trouble. On a secret mission to find other dwarves left alive and use one of the lands to recreate their world.

Devin: Fallen God. Damon’s brother. Has an end goal to try to break the barriers that Damon has set so that Zombies can go everywhere. Has a beautiful Amber colored dragon named Skylar.

Hunter: Dwarf. Has been serving Devin since Devin saved him from the Zombies. Is a selfish person who wants to find other dwarves and control them.


That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this preview into what’s to come! I will post the first part of the story next Wednesday. There will be a part every Wednesday until the story is concluded. Once that’s done, I’ll be posting another little post like this to get you into the next story! I hope you enjoy this story and all my future stories. I will be posting different topic blogs every Monday and Friday. Feel free to check those out as well. If you’d like to see more posts, please feel free to subscribe. I’d also appreciate if you commented on this and shared it with your friends! Until next time, have a good one!


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