Journey: A New Beginning Part One

Things haven’t been easy lately in the land of Entolan. It has been five years since the tragic outbreak of the zombie virus. We have watched our people be killed, and we have even watched some of them go through the horrible change. The only good to come of it was that it brought all the races together.

Humans haven’t been the only ones walking the earth. The thing is that they refused to acknowledge that until the zombies came about and they needed our help. Things didn’t go so well at first, but the longer things went on we found that it was impossible to fight the zombies and each other. We called a truce. As time went on, we became close. It was almost as if there was no hatred and mistrust at all.

Six months ago, we discovered that there were several pieces of land that the zombies refused to go to. It came to our princess in a dream. We investigated one of the areas and discovered that it was true. We had been rebuilding and starting to live in peace, but there were some who grew restless. They wanted to move on to the other lands and start their own colonies. I was one of them.

My name is Shaylin. Most people classify what I am as a witch. They don’t really like to accept the fact that the Fae and humans mixed at all and created my kind. The one who accepted me right off the bat with no questions asked was the Princess of the Fae, Lillian. Lillian was a beautiful person with a kind soul. It was hard to believe she was raised as royalty.

When I was born, both of my parents turned me away. My mother didn’t want to be reminded of her involvement with a Fae, and my father didn’t want to admit that he had a child that wasn’t pure Fae. Queen Tanya graciously took me in as her own. I was born on the same day as their daughter, Lillian. They thought I would be the perfect companion for her. They were right. We had a bond that nobody else could come between. We were the best of friends and sisters at heart.

Many of the wealthier Fae hired Elves as their protectors and companions. Lillian and I each had one of our own. Her brother, Mortis, had one too. I never really felt I deserved one being that I wasn’t really royalty. I liked to consider myself Lillian’s protector and best friend instead.

Portia and Amaya came into our lives when we were little to protect us. Portia and Amaya were twins. They quickly became good friends with Lillian and I. They helped us get away with all of our mischief and chaos when we were growing up. Their brother Shade also came with them for Mortis. Mortis and Shade quickly became the best of friends. Shade looked after Mortis and kept Mortis from battling his demons alone.

Lillian started having dreams of chaos and destruction about six months before the virus started. She told me, but we both agreed that it was nothing more than a dream. After the virus, we both felt guilty about that and confessed it to the Fae immediately. They were upset at first, but they understood and told us that we did what we felt was best. Nobody could have seen this coming at all.

Shortly after the virus outbreak, our home was attacked. Many people we cared about were killed. We didn’t know who was left. Portia and Amaya took action. They grabbed Lillian and I and ran. We didn’t know where we were heading. We just had to get out of there and fast. My heart was breaking. I didn’t have to look at Lillian to see the pain that was all over her face. We didn’t know who was alive and who was dead.

We wound up traveling for weeks before coming across anybody. We took turns sleeping to keep guard. We had to be ready at a moments notice. We learned to fight and kill the zombies. We learned to tell when to run and when to fight.

It had been almost three months when we ran into familiar people. They were as surprised to see us as we were to see them. I didn’t know whether to be terrified or happy to see them. After several minutes of us scoping each other out, we all for the latter. There were hugs and tears all around.

“We thought you were dead.” I stuttered out through my tears.

The embrace around me tightened to the point where I could barely breathe. I didn’t want to step out of it though. I was so glad that some of my loved ones were still alive.

“We thought you were dead too. We looked everywhere for you.”


That’s all for now. I will post another piece next Wednesday. I hope you all have enjoyed the beginning. If you’ve enjoyed this, I will post a new piece of the story every Wednesday until it’s finished. I’ll post more stories after that, but that’s besides the point. I also post blogs every Monday and Friday. Feel free to check them out. I’d appreciate if you could subscribe to my blog and share. As always, thank you for reading my posts. I do this for you!


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