Plan A Bookish Party Challenge

I have to say that I’m not usually a party girl type person. I’m really introverted and being in crowds kind of makes me really nervous and fidgety. I’m always so afraid that people will think I’m just some big freak! I’d love to have a book related party though. Anywhere where I can openly talk to somebody about books would be amazing to me! Anyways, onto the challenge!


What book is your party themed around?

I think I would go with an open genre theme. I’d pick a genre and tell my guests to pick their favorite character from their favorite book in that genre. That way nobody feels pressured to be characters (and stressing over others dressing as the same character).

What food will you serve?

I’d serve chips and dip, hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. I’d probably do something silly like making a cake with a cute quote from a book on it.

What’s your signature drink?

I don’t know if I’d have a signature drink. I’d probably just make my popular sweet tea, or have my guy make his since it’s way better than mine.

What games will you play?

Anything related to that theme that I can find that’s easy enough to understand. I’d probably even have guests bring game ideas as well.

What party favors will you send home with your guests?

If it’s in my budget, I’d probably make sure each went home with a book at random. I’d make them some bookmarks as well. Anything book related that I could fit with the genre theme. If guests were to want to bring something to give to everybody, I’d be welcome to let them.


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