Vampire Academy: 10th Anniversary Edition by Richelle Mead


I was so excited about the release of this! I already own the original copy of the book, but I love the fact that there is a 10th-anniversary book to it! I just adored the short stories. It took all my will power not to skip re-reading the book and get straight to the short stories, though. I did re-read the book though and it was so worth it! This is one of my favorite series of all times. I feel I can really relate to Rose. She’s fierce and loyal. She’s determined and sarcastic. She’s great! The forbidden love story in this is pretty amazing as well. The short stories are definitely worth owning this version of the book. I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed with Dimitri’s short story. I was expecting a little more detail and flair for it. It wasn’t a horrible short story though. It just wasn’t what I personally expected. I did love seeing the meeting from his point of view, though. I loved this edition. I’m glad I preordered it. It was definitely worth the wait to me. I fully recommend it!

Rating: 5 Stars

Format: Physical Book


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