30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1: Your Blog’s Name


This day’s one is kind of a little vague, but I will attempt to do something with it anyways. When I first entered the reviewing/blogging world, I chose the name Pricillia Dragomir. I chose it because I loved the Vampire Academy series so much. However, I realized after entering the world that I would need a name more unique to me. Thus, Willow Star Serenity was born. It’s been my name ever since then. If I could find a way to make it a legal name for me, I would. In a heartbeat. I’ve had many different blog sites since I started what I do. None of them felt really right to me. I didn’t feel like they were good enough. Then I made this blog, and that changed. I named it Willow’s Thoughts And Reviews because this will be a nice mixture of my thoughts and reviews. I didn’t put book reviews because I’m not just going to review books here. I’ll review anything I can think of. I feel at home with this blog, and I plan to use it for a long time. I appreciate all the readers that take the time to read my blog. You all are the reason I continue doing what I do.


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