Tomodachi Life: Luna Love Island: The Series Begins


For those of you who don’t know what Tomodachi Life is, it’s a game on the Nintendo DS that lets you create people and have them live on your island. These people interact and form friendships. They also form love interests and romances. They can even get married and have children. I’ll post a link that will explain better.

So I recently decided to sit down and come up with a list of some of my favorite television shows and books. I also threw in my favorite YouTubers for the fun of it. I then selected my top favorite characters (and YouTubers) from these. I threw in some characters from some of my old island for the fun of it.I threw in some people that are in my life as well. My point is that I plan to use it as a fan fic so to speak. I want to see how these characters interact. I’d love to see people from some of my favorites television shows and book series interact with each other. I put fifty people on the island. The maximum capacity is one hundred, but I plan to save the other fifty spaces for the future children. I’ll post a weekly recap on how everything is turning out. For now, I’ll post the introductions and sources behind all of this.

Television Shows:


Criminal Minds

Gilmore Girls


CSI Miami


House Of Night

Vampire Academy

Princess Diaries

Stephanie Plum

Women’s Murder Club

Heather Wells


Jenna Marbles

Max NoSleeves

Shane Dawson

Alonzo Lerone


Now before I begin all of this, I want to put a majorly important disclaimer. I am not doing this series to make fun of anybody or make anybody uncomfortable. This is purely for curiosity sake and entertainment. Also, the characters in the world go their own direction. I may encourage things, but in the end, the decision ultimately depends on them. Especially where romances and marriages are concerned.

My Islanders:

Aaron Hotchner

Abby Sciuto

Adande Thorne

Adrian Ivashkov

Alonzo Lerone

Amelia Thermopolis

Aphrodite LaFont

Arabella Fields

Ashley Lane

Calleigh Ducane

David Rossi

Derek Morgan

Dimitri Belikov

Donna Rainsford

Dustyn Brown

Eric Delko

Grace Lynn

Issac Small

James Stark

Jenna Marbles

Jennifer Jareau

Jess Mariano

Joseph Morelli

Katherine Shay

Lane Kemp

Leslie Dobson

Lindsay Boxer

London Fowler

Lorelei Gilmore

Luke Danes

Mark Fischbach

Max Weiz

Mello Thorne

Michael Moscovitz

Nick Stokes

Nicole Dunton

Paul Cardinal

Penelope Garcia

Ricardo Manoso

Rory Gilmore

Rose Hathaway

Sarah Sidle

Shane Dawson

Snoop Dog

Spencer Reid

Stephanie Plum

Stevie Rae Johnson

Sydney Sage

Timothy McGee

Zoey Redbird

My Intended couples that I set before I even set up the islanders (may go a different direction because that’s how it goes but this is what I hope for):

Abby And McGee

Penelope and Morgan

Rory and Jess

Loralei and Luke

Calliegh and Eric

Zoey and Stark

Rose and Dimitri

Mia and Michael

Leslie and Paul

Adrian and Sydney

Nikkie and Dustyn

Even though it’s only been twenty-four hours, I already have a married couple on my island. Nikkie and Dustyn! They were set up by Derek Morgan and then Nikkie proposed. It’s a pretty funny story because Dustyn originally tried to set Morgan up with Nikkie! Then, Morgan turned around and did the same thing with Dustyn, but Dustyn and Nikkie hit it off really well! So far, everybody is getting settled in the island and making friendships. So this is all I have for this week, I’ll be back Monday with more info for this ongoing series! Feel free to comment with your thoughts and predictions or what all you’d like to see! I’d also be really thankful if you shared this for others to enjoy!

I have a GoFundMe that I’d appreciate if you’d support and share for me. Here’s the link:

Thanks for reading and see you next Monday!



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