Luna Love Island Newsletter Volume 1


Our very first newsletter is finally here! I’m Willow Star Serenity and I’m here to bring you the news of those silly people of Luna Love Island! Before I begin with our current gossip, I want to say a very special congratulations to Dustyn Brown and Nicole Dunton for being the first couple to get married on the island. They were brought together by Derek Morgan after Brown had failed to set Dunton and Morgan up. The couple seems to be doing really great. They even had a wonderful honeymoon in Africa! Could we see babies from them in the future?


And now for some of the biggest gossip you’ve been waiting to hear! We have some very interesting new couples! Stephanie Plum had her eyes on Issac Small and she managed to snag him! He rejected her at first, but she didn’t let that get her down. She tried again and he said yes! Wonder how our Joe Morelli feels about this new couple?! Michael Moscovitz managed to woo our Lindsay Boxer! Many were shocked as most of us assumed that he would eventually get with Amelia Thermopolis. Boxer, who has been very happy in her relationship with Moscovitz decided that she wanted to make somebody else just as happy. She decided to attempt to set Luke Danes up with Jennifer Jareau! They hit it off and have been happy since! One couple that most people saw coming was Ricardo Manoso and Leslie Dobson! They had been getting cozy since they moved into the island. It was only a matter of time before one confessed their feelings. Ranger was the one who had that honor. Spencer Reid attempted to set up Paul Cardinal with Calleigh Ducane, but they didn’t hit it off. It worked out for Reid in the end because he wound up wooing her for himself! Things worked out for Cardinal too since Rory Gilmore confessed her feelings to him shortly thereafter! Our most recent couple would be Jess Mariano and Stevie Rae Johnson! I was hoping that Gilmore and Mariano would get together, but they both seem happy in the relationships they are in now! That’s it for the hot new romances! Check back in Friday to see the newest couples!



While we haven’t had any couple break up on the island yet, we have had some people who just didn’t get to be with the person they had feelings for. We also had some people who tried to set people up and it didn’t go as planned. The first set up attempt was our very own Dustyn Brown. He tried to set up Derek Morgan and Nicole Dunton! Lucky for him it failed because Dunton and Brown are so great together! Shortly after Issac Small and Stephanie Plum got together, Grace Lynn decided that she wanted to try to get with Issac. She couldn’t hold her feelings in for him any longer. Luckily for Plum, he didn’t even show up to hear her confession. Poor Miss Lynn wound up taking a nice trip to Africa and it helped cheer her right up! Jenna Marbles tried to play matchmaker for Aaron Hotchner and Zoey Redbird. Things didn’t exactly go as planned, but maybe we have a new friendship on our island because of it!



We welcome Evalyn Swanson and Miku Hatsune onto our island. While we are sad to see Donna and Ashley move away, we are so happy to have Swanson and Hatsune join our island. I hope they feel welcome and enjoy themselves for their stay on the island!


That’s it for now! I’ll have more gossip from Luna Love Island for you Friday! Stay tuned! Thank you for reading! See you Friday!


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