How I Shop For Books

Day 6: Describe How You Shop For BooksI can spend hours in a bookstore just browsing the aisles. I pick up books when the cover or title interests me and read the blurb. How much money I have to work with in a bookstore determines what books I get. I usually have a priority rating. What looks most appealing will most likely be bought if I can afford them.When it comes to online shopping… That’s a whole other ball game. I browse for hours upon hours in books. I put books on my wishlist. I pick up a ton of free books. I used to be horrible about going through and getting dozens of free books every single day. I don’t do that much anymore. I will pick up a book if I see a post that its free. I also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. So, I have now I have a separate wishlist for Kindle Unlimited books. If I’m interested in it, but my checkouts are maxed, the book goes into my wishlist. And that’s how I book binge. I mean shop for books. How do you do it? Do you have methods? How often do you shop for books? Let me know in the comments! Have you been doing this challenge too? I’d love to see your posts! Put a link in the comment! Thank you for reading! Subscribe if you’d like to see more!

Source: How I Shop For Books


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