My Blogging Quirks

Day 7: Talk About Your Blogging Quirks.This one was a bit tough for me. I’m not really sure what my quirks are because I just kind of pull up a form and type to my heart’s content. I mean I look it over before I post. Sometimes I even read it out loud, but other than that, I don’t have any quirks that I know of? I’ll try anyways. Let’s see if I can come up with 5-10!1. I never review a book unless I’ve finished it. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading a review where somebody admits they didn’t read it and base their review on the cover or the first portion of the book. If you didn’t finish it, or you didn’t even bother trying, you have no reason to submit a review. Period. 2. Even if I don’t like the book, I’ll be as nice as possible with the review. It’s just common courtesy. These authors worked hard on the book that I read. It’s not their fault it wasn’t my cup of tea! I do have to say that it’s very rare that I find a book that I just don’t like that I actually finish. This is also true for anything I review. Not just books.3. If I can’t think of a relative blog to talk about if I’m scheduled one, I just don’t write one. I am not the type to fill a blog with fillers just because I promised a blog. I’d rather the reader be slightly upset that my blog is late than bored silly over a post about nothing.4. I write about what I’m passionate about. I used to try to keep up a themed type blog. I’d do book related posts on Mondays, random posts about life on Wednesdays, and Weight Loss blogs on Fridays. It stressed me out eventually. I felt like I was suppressing my inner creativity by having it all mapped out like that. 5. I sit vulnerable for hours after I post anything worried that somebody might be upset about my post. I hate upsetting people. I get that people aren’t always going to like my posts, but I just don’t want to upset them by it.That is all I can think of. It was harder and easier than I thought it would be. I know that doesn’t seem possible, but it is. I’m sorry I didn’t post for yesterday. I’ve been really busy filling out applications for jobs. I spent way more time than I thought I would. I’ll try my best to be better on posting daily from here on. I want to give a big thank you for all the people who subscribed, liked and commented. It means a lot to me to come on and see the interaction I get. You rock. I’m truly blessed to have you! Thank you for reading this blog. I post blogs daily if you’d like to subscribe and check them out! Comment your blogging quirks (doesn’t have to be book related). I’d love to hear them!

Source: My Blogging Quirks


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