Most Underappreciated Book

Day 13: Describe one under-appreciated book EVERYONE should read.Oh, I could list so many books here. Picking just one is rather hard. I’ve actually found some books with some very unjustified negative reviews that should go on here. One of those books was never even published because of all the bad reviews. That being said, I am aware that I have to choose just one. My pick would be Veil Of Secrecy by RM Alexander. If you haven’t heard of it, I fully encourage you to look it up. Especially if you are into Paranormal Romance. To be honest, I think all of this author’s books are way under appreciated. Mostly because her work is pure of sexual scenes and cussing. All of her books are sweet romances.Back to the book. Rachel Brackett is heartbroken after losing her husband while he was overseas in the military. She is surprised when she finds out that she inherited a house from grandparents she never met, far away from where she’s living. She decides to accept the inheritance thinking that she could use a fresh start. What she discovers there will change her life and rock her world completely. Can she handle what she uncovers about her family? Can she handle what she discovers around her new home? Only time will tell. hope this book and the two sequels that follow it get more exposure. It’s a really great read. I love this trilogy. I’ve read it at least three times. I’ve also listened to it twice. I plan to re-read it again this year. This author is just amazing. She has a way of capturing attention and keeping it.Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Can’t believe there are only two days left of this challenge. I’m aware that I would have finished it before now had I not missed some days, but it’s okay. I’ve enjoyed doing the challenge! I hope you have enjoyed reading it! If you’d like to read more blogs, please feel free to subscribe. If you think somebody would be interested in reading this, please feel free to like and share! Have a wonderful day! –

Source: Most Underappreciated Book


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