A Day In My Life: Day 5

Today is going to be a really good day. I can feel it. I woke up a little earlier than intended. It’s okay, though. I got to spend time cuddling with my puppy before I had to fully get up. I feel that I may not completely go by the schedule for the day, but I will stick to it as closely as I possibly can. I’m still trying to adjust to the new schedule and working from home, but I know I can get there.  All I have to do is try and not give up. I know now that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am enough. I can do this. To those of you who are having bad days, I’m here if you need to talk. I know how dark those bad days can get. I wouldn’t wish them on anybody. I hope everybody has fantastic plans for today. I have a job lined up along with hours of another job. It’s going to be a fun and productive day! Thank you for reading this post! Always remember, you are amazing, you are important, you are enough!

Source: A Day In My Life: Day 5


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