Deal Breakers

Day 14: Tell us your deal breakers.1. Overly sexual books. I don’t mean books that have some intense sex scenes. Those are fine. In fact, some even add to the flair of the romance in the story. I mean the ones that are all about sex with some storyline wrapped around it. I’m trying to read a story. That’s it.2. If I can’t connect with the characters, I can’t connect with the books. Characters should be given their own personalities, yes. I agree there. They should be relatable too, though. Aphrodite from House Of Night is a very intense character, but because everybody is like that sometimes or knows somebody like that, she’s relatable. 3. Rushing over parts. A lot of authors I’ve noticed like to rush over parts for the sake of keeping their book short so that they get more readers. I don’t agree with this concept at all. It makes me feel like the author isn’t really that into the book they are writing. If they aren’t into the book, why should I be? 4. Really bad spelling and grammar. By the publish stage, the book should be really polished. I’m not saying it should be perfect. I know a lot of authors who find mistakes years after they publish. There’s a difference in having a mistake here and there and a book full of them. I once tried to read a book where nothing was capitalized at all. I couldn’t read more than three pages. Had my significant other give it a try, and he couldn’t either. 5. Consistency. If the story isn’t consistent, I’m going to get confused. Don’t tell me somebody’s hair was black in one chapter then talk about how red it is in another. If the author isn’t able to keep track of descriptions and characters, how am I supposed to be able to? That’s all I can really think of. I never rate a book under three stars. If I view it as below three stars, I don’t even finish it. I don’t believe in reviewing a book I didn’t finish. It just feels like cheating to me. What are some of your deal breakers?

Source: Deal Breakers


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