A Day In My Life: Day 6 (With Possible Rant)

I’m sorry that I’m posting this a little late than I’d normally post. My internet and computer have worked against me all day. I am definitely in saving for a new computer. It’s okay, though. I may have messed up things just a little bit, though. If I did, something better will come along. I’m sure of it. All about positivity right? Other than that, today was a really productive day. I got my website finished. I can now officially call myself Freelance. I am now officially self-employed. And yes, I still work for companies too, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I’m taking the risk. I’m putting myself out there. I am willing to do this. I feel with all my heart that this is where I’m supposed to be. It’s what I’m supposed to do. I’m blessed to have the freedom in which to do it.Now that that’s out of the way, I did a bunch of researching earlier. Some for work related purposes. Some for ways to save money and or get free food. I like to research things. I like to try to find something new to learn every day if possible. And this is where my rant comes into play. I stumbled upon an article/blog about getting Free McDonald’s food. I was thinking that maybe there was a promotion or something. I mean who doesn’t like free? Nope. He gives step by step instructions on going in and complaining about an order you never got. He basically states to pitch a fit until they cave. I won’t’ go into the details of the matter. I won’t even link it for reference. I was infuriated that somebody would not only do this but give step by step pointers on how to do it as well. It’s bull. What’s worse is that there were comments in support of it! People were thanking him for the nice trick! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! While the manager is apologizing and giving you your free food that you didn’t deserve, he’s making a note to get onto people who worked at the supposed time your order got screwed up. They are going to be yelled at and made to feel like they are stupid and worthless. Some will even get written up or fired. Does that really sound free to you? Guess it does since it didn’t cost YOU. Okay, rant over. Besides that, or even with that, I didn’t have a bad day. It was really good and really productive. I feel a lot more positive about my outcome and future. I wish I could have seen my therapist today and talked to her about my revelations and week, but it wasn’t in my cards sadly. Hope your day was good! Always remember: You are amazing. You are fierce. You are enough!

Source: A Day In My Life: Day 6 (With Possible Rant)


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