No More Blog Challenge Posts

So I wanted to give a brief update. Since I don’t really have any photos fully related to this issue, I decided to take the opportunity to promote the readathon I co-host every month. Why not.So anyways, I want to do away completely with any and all blog challenges. I’ll still do photo challenges, which I will start back up on the 1st of March. It’s been a really difficult month. I’ve had a lot going on. Much of which I haven’t and can’t openly discuss.That being said, I have decided to do a bit of a schedule on here. It’s loosely based, so if I miss a day here and there, don’t hold it against me, please. I’m going to post it so that you as readers can decide which to follow along with and which to pass.The Schedule:Monday: Book Recommendations- I’ll be highlighting books at random that I think are pretty amazing and feel they need more exposure. I’ll only post a book/series a week so as to not get repetitive.Tuesday: Things I Don’t Understand- I’ll make a post about the things in life that we go through that I just can’t wrap my head around. Some may be controversial. Some things I may misunderstand and would gladly love for somebody to correct me so that I can understand it better. These will never be in any way meant to offend or upset anybody. It’s basically just my thoughts on issues that don’t make sense to me.Wednesday: Wednesdays With Willow- A chapter of an ongoing story that will be posted until it’s complete. Please note that this will be completely MY OWN work and I’d appreciate you read it for pleasure but not try to copy as your own.Thursday: My Photography- Yeah, I haven’t posted any yet. That’s uncool of me. I’ll start doing that. I’ll share every picture I’ve taken all through the week on Thursdays along with commentary of how I was feeling when I took the picture and what the picture means to me.Friday: TBR Pile- I’ll be showing the stack of books that I’ll be reading for the next week. I’ll probably also discuss the previous week’s progress. I’ll post links and blurbs to every book in the blog.There you have it. My future schedule, which will be starting Monday. I will not be posting any blogs on weekends. Every weekend I’ve set aside for a 48-hour binge readathon. So between reading, getting some work done, and taking naps here and there, I just won’t have time to post any blogs. Plus, it would defeat the purpose of taking time every weekend for myself to read.Well, that’s all for now. I hope that you have enjoyed my blogs as of yet. I hope that you will continue reading and supporting my blogs. Please feel free to let me know what you are looking most forward to in the comments. Be back Monday for my first post!

Source: No More Blog Challenge Posts


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