Books That Have Made History Review

This audio book is more of a series of lectures than an actual novel. It talks about some of the books that have changed lives throughout history. Some of the greatest books ever written are included in this. All of the lectures are split up in thirty minute (or so) increments.I really enjoyed these lectures. I’m ashamed of myself for not having read most of these. I now have them in quick access so I can read them in the immediate future. The lectures were all easy to follow. They were straight forward and to the point. I feel that a lot of view points I’ve learned in my life were analyzed and I was shown a new point of view. I love when these things happen. There’s nothing better than having your beliefs and view points expanded, in my opinion.Normally, I’d include a review of the narrator. I don’t feel I can really do that in this case being as the narrator is a professor being recorded. I do have to say that I wish all professors could explain things like he could. He made things very easy to understand and relate to. Like I said earlier, I feel that things explained helped broaden my beliefs.I fully recommend this audio book. I have now listened to three different Great Courses audio books. I’ve loved all three of them. I can’t wait to dive into more audio books by Great Courses. I fully recommend they be looked up on Audible. They have a huge selection of subjects to get into. 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Books That Have Made History Review


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