Safe Lands: Chapter One

Note:I know that this had a different title and some different characters in the prewrite I shared with you all last week. My characters and this story had a mind of their own and things took a different direction. I hope you enjoy the story. Please tune in next week for the next chapter.Also, please note that I will never charge anybody for this story, but I will be keeping the rights to the story itself, so please do not copy. Any donations made to me will help me be able to put more of these stories out there. Thank you all for your support in my blogs. Chapter OneIn Vlamair, there are many different types of races. These races are spread out all over the lands of our world. There are elves who are beautiful and majestic. They are also very gifted with magical gifts. Each gift is different in a select few members of elves. There is also the human race. The elves have looked after and protected the human race for many years. The human race tolerates the elves, but they like to pretend elves and their magic don’t exist.There are a select few humans who adore elves a little too much. Some elves are just as enamored with these humans. Due to this, there is a race that was created quite by accident. We are labeled as Witches And Warlocks because of our unique abilities. We are half elf and half human. Both races look down on us for our mere existence.The last race are the dwarves. Dwarves go out of their way to stay away from both humans and elves alike. They think that their race is the superior race and that all of the humans and elves are inferior to them. The only ones of us they tolerate at all are us witches and warlocks, and that’s a very small toleration on their part.My name is Shaylin. I am a witch. My father was an elf and my mother was a human. After my mother got pregnant, my father split. My mother was so heartbroken that she abandoned me to the first Elven land she came across. I would have been left for dead if Queen Myra hadn’t had a soft spot in her heart for my race. She took me in and raised me as her own.Five years ago, our world took a devastating blow. A horrible virus was spread. At first, everything seemed fine, but as the weeks went by things turned horribly wrong. People were dying in horrible ways. That isn’t even the worst part. They came back alive.It was a horrible nightmare come true. They were going around attacking those who weren’t infected and infecting them. We came to realize that this virus was the Zombie virus. It was said that this virus was locked away tightly in a major research lab and heavily guarded. Nobody knows how it was released or why.The worst part was that it infected everything in our world that was alive except cats and dogs. We soon realized that cats and dogs could sense zombies long before they came near us. The remaining people decided to take a dog or cat as their own for safe keeping.After several months, we discovered something amazing. There were lands that the Zombies couldn’t enter. We quickly settled upon the closest one of these lands and begun to build a new civilization. We didn’t know how many other people in the world had this realization or if they were building civilizations of their own, but we were always curious of it.One of the good things to come of this horrible event was that all of the races came together. We all set aside our differences to help each other out and to try to rebuild and keep ourselves safe. They even stopped looking down on us witches and wizards for our existence. Well most did anyways. Some people kept in their narrow-minded ways regardless of the events around them.A month into rebuilding, our very own Princess Lillian started having nightmares. I felt helpless at the fear I saw on her face every morning after she’d had a horrible dream. At first, we all thought they were triggered by the trauma that everybody recently faced. It took us weeks to realize that they were events that hadn’t come to light yet. None of us knew what to make of these dreams or how to deal with them.The dreams have went on all these years and none of us were able to help at all. We felt helpless unsure of what to do. I was especially helpless to the situation. Lilly was like a sister to me and I felt like I should be doing something to help her. Our protectors, Portia and Amaya were almost devastated that they couldn’t do anything.It quickly became obvious that these dreams were important, though. We all took turns recording these dreams and many people were assigned to study them and figur

Source: Safe Lands: Chapter One


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