Tuesday Series Update

I originally was going to make a post every week about things I just don’t understand. Instead, I’ve decided to bring back a fanfiction idea that I started awhile back, but I let die out. I’m going to reset it and start the whole island and ideas over again. Please ignore the days listed in the picture. This is from the original series. I’ll be making a new one to go with the new series.This post will be to introduce my characters. It will also be my potential hopes of future couples. These are based off of my favorite characters from my favorite television shows and books.I’m going to start off the island with fifty characters chosen from my favorite television and book series. The max population is a hundred. I’m leaving the other fifty for the potential children that will be born as time goes on.My Islanders:1. Zoey Redbird: House Of Night Series (hope she gets with Stark)2. James Stark: House Of Night3. Aphrodite Lafont: House Of Night (hope she gets with Darius)4. Darius Jones: House Of Night5. Stevie-Rae Johnson: House Of Night (hope she gets with Rephaim)6. Rephaim Brown: House Of Night7. Rosemarie Hathaway: Vampire Acadamy (Hope she gets with Dimitri)8. Dimitri Belikov: Vampire Acadamy9. Vasilissa Dragimir:Vampire Acadamy (Hope she gets with Ozera)10. Christian Ozera: Vampire Acadamy11. Penelope Garcia: Criminal Minds (Hope she gets with Morgan)12. Derek Morgan: Criminal Minds13. Jennifer Jareau: Criminal Minds14. Spencer Reid: Criminal Minds15. Abby Sciuto: NCIS16. Timothy McGee: NCIS17. Ziva David: NCIS (hope she gets with Tony)18. Tony Dinozzo: NCIS19. Rory Gilmore: Gilmore Girls (hope she gets with Jess)20. Jess Mariano: Gilmore Girls21. Loralei Gilmore: Gilmore Girls (hope she gets with Luke)22. Luke Danes: Gilmore Girls23. Lane Kim: Gilmore Girls24. Zack Van Gerbig: Gilmore Girls25. Lindsay Boxer: Women’s Murder Club26. Dean Winchester: Supernatural27. Cindy Thomas: Women’s Murder Club28. Sam Winchester: Supernatural29. Claire Washburn: Women’s Murder Club30. Alex Cross: Cross31. Yuki Castellano: Women’s Murder Club32. Aaron Hotchner: Criminal Minds33. Nicole Dunton: Me (hope she gets with Dustyn)34. Dustyn Brown: Boyfriend35. Heather Wells: Heather Wells (hope she gets with Cooper)36. Cooper Cartwright: Heather Wells37. Amelia Thermopolis: Princess Diaries (Hope she gets with Michael)38. Michael Moscovitz: Princess Diaries39. Kate Beckett: Castle (hope she gets with Richard)40. Richard Castle: Castle41. Elizabeth Wakefield: Sweet Valley High42. Javier Esposito: Castle43. Jessica Wakefield: Sweet Valley High44. Kevin Ryan: Castle45. Alexis Castle: Castle46. Ranger: Plum47. Stephanie Plum: Plum (hope she gets with Joe or Ranger)48. Joe Morelli: Plum49. Lanie Parish: Castle (hope she gets with Esposito)50. Tank: PlumThis is going to be fun to play out. I’ll keep notes and make a “newsletter” on here every Tuesday. Either that or just my personal opinions on how things are playing out. I could even do both. Let me know in the comments if you’re familiar with any of these characters or series and what YOU hope the outcomes will be! First segment next Tuesday!

Source: Tuesday Series Update


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