Introduction To Weekly Photography

I’ve had a really hectic week, so I haven’t really taken any photos. I do need to make a start on this series, though, so I’ll post photos I’ve taken in the past. Hope you enjoy them. By the way, I’ve decided to only post five per week. (These will be posted on Thursdays. It was late this week because I had a major migraine.) This picture was taken at a concert in a bar I went to. There were three bands that played. All of them were pretty amazing. This is a picture of me and my Quil bug. It’s one of my favorite pictures of myself because for once I feel I look genuinely happy. Another picture of that concert at the bar. This is the band we had went to see. I went to school with the gentlemen in red. He’s very talented. My boyfriend loves the music. This is my favorite photo that I’ve taken of all times currently. I was able to capture a raw emotion in this picture that really enhanced the picture itself in my opinion. These moments are the reason I am choosing to make a career out of photography. I’d love to spend the rest of my life capturing moments just like this one. Shortly after I discovered thatmy passion in career choices were photography and writing, we had to make a trip to Atlanta. I saw this wall and I fell in love with it. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. To me, this wall shows hope in a world that’s slowly crumbling to chaos.That’s my five pics for the week. I hope you enjoyed them. Feel free to comment on which ones you liked best or what you thought of them all. From now on, I’ll pick my five favorite pictures I’ve taken during the week and post them. If for any reason I fail to take five pictures, I’ll post five of my favorites in general. I’m hoping to start taking more pictures, though! thank you for reading this blog! Until next time!

Source: Introduction To Weekly Photography


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