Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Review

I can’t really give a description of this book. I couldn’t make sense of it. I guess neighbors were complaining about this guy because he acted funny. It sparked the interest of the police and a journalist. This story kind of jumbled together and didn’t make much sense. It was very choppy and it bounced all over the place with no warning. The thing is, I feel like this could be a very good story if it had been done properly. With a little structure and rewriting, maybe it would be improved upon. There were just too many questions left at the end of this story that it was nerve wracking. The voice actors were okay I guess. One sounded like he was a little special (Bob Honey). Another sounded robotic. Another sounded overly sexual. I can’t really complain about the voice actors too much. I was just underwhelmed by the story as a whole.I guess everybody is encouraged to give this story a try and draw their own conclusions. I personally don’t recommend it, but that it just my opinion. I wasn’t impressed with this story at all. I was very underwhelmed and very disappointed. If others like it, that’s awesome. I just didn’t. 2 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Review


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