Scarred Review

One could say that Jordan was handed a very bad hand. In response to that bad hand, she made a few bad life choices like many people do. Getting clean, she meets an amazing man who adores her. The thought terrifies her so she runs away. Can she get over her fears and let herself loved? Or is she doomed to run forever?I listened to an audio book of this, so I feel it’s best to give my opinion on both the audiobook and the story line. I just want to start out by saying I LOVED this story! I loved how emotionally intense it was. It was very obvious that the author knew all about what she was writing about. Now for my criticism on the writing. The timeline got a little jumpy but it was still okay to follow, so it wasn’t too horrible. I also didn’t really care about the main character all that much. I mean I get that she was going through a lot, but I feel like she just over-dramatizing everything.The audiobook itself was great. I almost listened to most of this audio book in one sitting. The voice actress did a pretty great job. I don’t really have many complaints. I think that she may have been the reason for my distaste with the main character, though.All in all, I fully recommend this book. At the risk of full disclosure, this is very adult with adult scenes and language. It’s still great, though. I have to be honest, I had my misgivings about this book at first. I’m glad I swallowed them down and read the book, though. I can’t wait to read the sequel. I also plan to look up other books by this author! 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Scarred Review


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