Weekly Schedule Update

I’ve been through quite a few changes since I lost my job at Walmart. There are things that are in my original schedule that just don’t make sense. Mondays are going to be overloaded with reviews from readathon, so yeah.Mondays: Readathon ReviewsTuesdays: Luna Love Island Newsletter: A Tomodachi Fan Fic (this may be canceled or very short this week due to little time to play the game so little news to report.)Wednesdays: Wednesdays With Willow. This is where I’ll be posting a chapter of some stories that I’ve written. I’ll post until a story is done and then start up a new story.Thursdays: WSS Photography. I’ll be sharing all the photography I’ve taken during the week. If I’ve taken too many pictures during the week, I’ll just post my top ten.Fridays: My TBR Pile. I’ll be doing a readathon from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday every weekend. So, I’ll be picking four books each week to read for the week as a goal. If I don’t finish all of the week before, they carry over to the next week. So if I read two, then the other two will be carried over and two more will be added to it. I’ll post a stack of my four book TBR for the week in a blog along with my updates on my reading progress and anticipations for the upcoming readathon.For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting on weekends. I hope you are enjoying my blogs. Please feel free to read, comment, and share any post you have enjoyed!If you could also support by donating, I’d appreciate it. I know that money is tight for everybody. I know this more than ever since I chose to take a huge risk and do what I love and try to turn it into a career. Any bit helps, but I understand if you can’t. I appreciate you just for taking the time to read this!

Source: Weekly Schedule Update


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