My Fur Babies

Blogger’s Note:Tuesday’s blog is usually devoted to Luna Love Island Newsletter: A TomodachiFan Fic. That is canceled for the week because there wasn’t enough news to report. I’ll post for two weeks worth of gossip next week in that. I figured I’d post something anyway to fill the void. What better way to fill it than showing off my beautiful fur babies! Meet Annabelle Star. This beautiful Corgi-Lab mix is two years old. She was born on February 18th, 2015. She’s stubborn and strong willed and a mischiefmaker to boot. She was also the only female born to her litter. She was our first pick before we had decided to get two puppies.Annabelle is technically both of our dog, but she chose Dustyn. They have a bond that is obvious whenever they cuddle with each other. They don’t cuddle often because Belle is a little bit of an independent creature preferring to keep to herself for the most part. She likes being around us, just not too close. Meet Quilton Jay. He’s also a Corgi-Lab mix. He’s Annabelle’s twin. Once we decided to get a second dog, and we saw him, there was no question asked. Quil and Belle are now the best of friends and are inseparable. It would break my heart if we ever had to separate them.Like Belle, Quil is technically both of ours. He chose me though. We have a bond that’s just as intense as Belle and Dustyn’s. I wish I could get him training for a service dog. He always alerts me when I’m about to have a major panic attack. He even makes me lay down when he’s able to. Meet Smokey. Smokey is my cat. He joined our family when somebody I know from when I worked at Walmart was trying to find a home for him. I don’t know his exact birth date, but it’s sometime in May. He adores me, but I’m the only one he really does. He puts up with my mom from time to time, but that’s it. He can’t stand any other person or animal. In his eyes, I’m his and NOBODY else can go near me. Last, but definitely not least, meet Ash. She is very shy and doesn’t come around anybody much, but when she does she’s sweet and loving with everybody. Her previous owners kept her shut up in a room because they had dogs. I guess it was something on the dogs end. She adores dogs! She lets Belle and Quil love on her whenever they want. Until she has her fill of it anyways. She’s Dustyn’s Cat, but she seriously loves everybody. And her tail wag like a dog’s when she’s happy is just too adorable! She’s slowly coming out of her shell and that’s so great. I’m glad that we adopted her from her previous owner.

Source: My Fur Babies


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