Safe Lands: Chapter Three

Blogger’s Note: I hope you enjoy this story. Chapter 1 and 2 links are in the comments! Please feel free to share and thank you for taking the time to read! Chapter ThreeWe ran for what felt like hours before I heard people shouting my name. I heard Ivellios’ voice above all the others. I stoppedand practically collapsed on the ground panting hard. I had never run that hard in my life, and I can run pretty fast thanks to the beautiful Elven genes that run through my veins.“What in the world, Shaylin? We had to grab the humans to keep up with you. Why were you running so fast?”“I’m sorry. It just hurt so much. I had to do my best to run away from the danger.”“What the hell is she talking about?”“One of her gifts is that she can sense danger.”“It’s not something she really likes to talk about, but when she tells us to run, we run. We have long since learned to trust her without question.”I watched Samantha nod solemnly and plopped down on the ground.“We need a plan. Why isn’t anybody working on a plan?”“Well, since you’re new to our group, we just have to fill you in on our plan. I happen to be very good with knowing where I am. I know where the closest safe land is, but it’s going to take a little bit to get there.”“Do all of you have gifts of some kind? What kind of freaks are you?”“We aren’t freaks. We are Elves.” Amaya said with a huff.“Amaya, they don’t understand our people because the Elves that were supposed to be there to protect them up and left. I think we should cut them a little slack.” Lilly said softly.Amaya hung her head in shame. Portia stepped next to her sister and put her arm around her. We all sat in silence for a few minutes assessing the situation. I was weary of our two new companions, but I knew they were harmless. I just didn’t get why they were so hostile about Elves. What had they went through that made them hate the Elves so bad?“As far as I’m concerned, Elves are selfish creatures that only care about themselves. When danger comes, they flee and don’t even bother to tell anybody else.”“I don’t know who you dealt with before, but we aren’t like them. We fought off the Zombies in our area and all of the areas around us. We gathered a pretty big sized group considering the deaths that kept taking place around us and were lucky to find a safe land that we could all rebuild in. The new society is now a mixture of Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Witches and Warlocks.”“That’s an impressive story, but I don’t buy it,” Samantha saideyes narrowed.“Believe what you want,” I said softly but sternly. “We will be able to prove it to you regardless.”“Samantha, cool it. Let’s hear what they have to say. They could have easily left us behind, but they chose to help us. That says something.”“Ugh, why are you taking up for these stupid freaks? They are an abomination. They don’t deserve to live on this Earth!”“Technically, right now, none of us do. This virus that’s spread was meant to wipe us all out. Nobody was supposed to survive it or be immune to it.” Ivellios said in a matter of fact tone.“Virus? What do you mean?”“Well, Henry. That’s a perfectly legitimate question,” Torvik said. “The Zombie Virus has been known for its potency It was said that it was invented to completely destroy the people in the world and start over. Everybody in Vlamair knew about it. What we don’t know is why it was released and if it was on purpose or accident.“How come people of Vlamair knew about it but no other country did?”“I couldn’t answer that if I tried. Vlamair is famous for the scientific discoveries that have come out of it. It was also well known for having many open minded, friendly, people.”“Trumdan was famous for the fighters that we produced. I was constantly laughed at because I never believed in fighting. Falling in love with Samantha was the only reason that I wasn’t thrown out of the country for not being masculine enough and participating in fighting.”“Not that I’m against love or anything, but I don’t see how that saved you. Even though I do feel it’s sad they would have thrown you out for something so silly.” Ivellios said.“Because I was the Queen and King’s daughter. They wouldn’t dare to banish somebody their precious daughter loved.”Lilly snorted.“Excuse me? Do you have a problem with me being a princess?”Hearing Samantha say that made me loose my composure. I burst out in laughter. I was pleased to hear that many other from my little group were laughing as well.

Source: Safe Lands: Chapter Three


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