Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation Review

Gertie was blessed to be given a second chance. She’s even got herself a nice setup. She has everything she could possibly want and need, but there’s something missing. She wants her Brad to live with her. If she could just get that, she’d have everything she could possibly want. Choosing the Gertie way to make this happen, chaos is inevitable. Can she clear the mistakes and figure things out or will she be forced to face the consequences?I loved this book. It’s a spinoff of the Literal Leigh series. I adored that series too. Gertie was one of my favorite characters and it was so great to see her with a little story of her own. I loved Leigh’s character, but it was rather nice to see her out of the spotlight for just a little bit.The narrator who told this story was great! She did great with the Literal Leigh series as well! She has a way of capturing all of the characters’ personalities and giving them their own flavor and flair. I love it! I will have to find other audio books she’s done and listen to them as well!Yes, I fully recommend this book. I also recommend any Melanie James books you can get your hand on. This author is witty and charming. She adds just enough heat to make you shiver, but not too much to make you wonder if the book is a porno gone wrong. I’ve read several of her books and I can honestly say I’m a huge fan. Just a warning, most of her books are for mature audiences. Another warning, be prepared to become addicted with her books! 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation Review


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