Sarah’s Premonition Review

A woman who takes her girls to the park all the time comes across a homeless runaway who adores her children. She decides to give the girl a job as a babysitter. Sadly, the woman dies in a car wreck. Shortly after, the widow takes in Sarah as a live-in nanny. Then, he dies in the 9/11 attack. Sarah is left with the two girls and a nice inheritance from the couple. Can she adapt to being a young, single mother to these girls?I really adored this story. It was so cute and so hopeful. I loved how inspirational it was. I think the best part to me was that it was clean. Nothing sexual at all. I have to be honest, I can’t say I fully cared for Sarah’s attitude for other people. I feel like if they weren’t the girls or somebody she knew well, she looked at them like monsters. It was infuriating. I almost didn’t finish the book because of it. I kept pushing on, though.I listened to an audio book copy of it. I’m not sure if the narrator was really southern or if she was trying to put a southern vibe on it, but it was kind of off-putting. I was thinking that Sarah was born in the south at first, but then I found out she was born and raised in New York. I mean I get people can’t help their accents. I’m not bashing it. Just saying it kind of took the authentic feel off the story.I do fully recommend this story. I also recommend that you have a ton of tissues around you when you do. It’s very emotionally raw and open. In my opinion, it’s a great impression of how strong and resilient we can be if we really strive hard enough. I truly love this story. I’ll definitely have to go back and actually read this book. 4 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Sarah’s Premonition Review


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