Luna Love Island Newsletter (A Tomadachi FanFic) Cancelled

I’m sorry to inform everybody, but I will not be pursuing the Luna Love Island newsletter. It kind of took the fun out of the game for me to the point where I haven’t played for days. It’s nothing personal. I’ll brainstorm between now and next week for something to put here.I’ve been debating doing a showing of my photo edits instead of the newsletter. It’s just a thought for now. What do you think? Would you like to see them? To make up for lack of newsletter or any other thing this week, I’ll share my newest advertisements for my work in progress freelance business. Out of the three, this is the only one I’m able to actively do right now. This will kick into gear once I’m able to secure a nice digital camera. I’m so excited for this one. This has got to be the biggest thing I’m excited about. I have to gather quite a bit of ingredients to make it. I also need to research prices and what not. I’m still excited. I can’t wait to get started!That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing my new advertisements. I’m sorry about the newsletter. I’d rather end it early and acknowledge that I’m just not interested in pursuing it then keep going and get people invested then drop it.

Source: Luna Love Island Newsletter (A Tomadachi FanFic) Cancelled


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