New Schedule

I’ve been dabbling with a new schedule for awhile now. I don’t want to have anybody read things they aren’t interested in. So, I am going to try a new schedule out and see how people like it. Some things will remain, but some things will be taken out.Mondays: Reviews With Willow: I’ll post a blog with paragraph reviews of all the books I read the previous week. Please note that I will still post individual reviews. This blog will just be a recap review so to speak.Tuesdays: Willow’s Edits: This will be pictures I’ve played around with and made silly or inspirational. They will be from pictures I’ve taken in the past and recently.Wednesdays: Wednesdays With Willow: I’ll keep doing a chapter a week of my writings. If this is something you don’t want to see, let me know and I’ll replace it with something else.Thursdays: Willow’s Photography: This will be a post of all the photography I’ve taken during the week.Fridays: Willow’s Readathon Goals: I’ll be posting what I anticipate to have done for the upcoming weekend readathon goals. I’ll also post whether this is a personal readathon or an official one. It seems all of April has readathons ever weekend! That’s going to be so fun!I realize that it may be a little silly to put my name in every series. I just figured I’d try to make it a tad bit unique. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy tuning in for all of the different blog series. If not, I hope you enjoy the ones you do! I will close this blog with some advertisements I have cooked up for my self-employment journey. I will add commentary to them too. I’m not posting for sales. I would just really love opinions on them. Hope you enjoy! This is sadly the only one I’m able to put into action right now. I’ll still have a lot of fun doing it. And maybe I’ll be successful at it this time around! 🙂 Once I have my camera kit, I’ll be able to do this. And this is one of my passions. This is one of the ones I want to turn into a career! Maybe I’ll make it happen eventually! So this will be an ongoing need for items to make the things with, but that’s okay. I’m so excited to get the ingredients to start it up and make it a thing. This is something I definitely feel very strongly about.That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this blog! I’m sorry it wasn’t the photography blog you were expecting! I haven’t taken many pictures this week and most of those pictures were of food. If you’d still like to see them, comment below and I may just make a post for it. If not, see you all tomorrow with my Friday blog!

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