Future Plans, New Blog Plan, Apologies

Future Plans:Currently, I’m still going to work for Rev and keep steady at it. I’ll be saving to get the equipment I need for the future professions I have plans for.I plan to sign up for a company and sell essential oils. I also plan to use those oils to make, sell, and donate homemade things such as bath bombs and soaps. Once I can get this going, I plan to send all new customers of mine a “welcome gift” basket of homemade items. I think I’d do this for photography customers too.I plan to get equipment for making YouTube videos and recording for audio books. That’s been a dream of mine for awhile. I would also like to get camera equipment and take and sale photos still. These three things I’m very passionate about. I hope that I can turn these passions into a career. I’d also like to eventually try to do a podcast, but I need more research on that.I will also start writing more. The first thing on my agenda is to edit and shape up Spirit Rising for publish. I wrote it a couple years ago for my first #NaNoWriMo project. It’s the only one I finished. I think it’s time to get it together and write and publish. I also intend to write and sell short stories.New Blog Plans And Apologies:I feel that I have been overwhelming people with a different blog every day. I’m sorry for that. I wasn’t intending to make anybody feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.That being said, I’ll only be posting two blogs a week, with the exception of reviews. So, on Fridays, I’ll post a blog for photography and a blog for anything book related.I hope that this will be helpful. Thank you all for being patient as I have hashed all of this out. If you’d like to contribute, there’s a donation bar on the side of this blog and at the top of my profile. I won’t expect it, but I will appreciate every donation I get. It helps me reach and achieve my goals. Thank you for reading this blog. If you like it, subscribe and share.

Source: Future Plans, New Blog Plan, Apologies


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