The Samurai’s Garden Review

Hanako Shimizu lost everything when her farm was raided. Her husband and father were killed and all of her crops were destroyed. Having to start over was bad enough, but being a woman trying to barter was a nightmare. Until Hiro Tanaka showed up and saved her. He lived life as an honorable warrior until his best friend died a horrible death. Will he be able to help her rebuild and find peace in his life? Will she be able to trust him after all she’s been through?This was an adorable book! I loved it. It was filled with hope and compassion. I fell in love with all the characters. If only it was longer so I could have kept enjoying the wonderful story! The only problems I had with the book are that I felt that some of the characters needed more place in the story. That’s just my opinion, though.The narrator did a fantastic job on this book. I actually would like to listen to more audio books by this lady. She gave all the characters their own personality. It was amazing to hear! I will be going back and actually reading this story. I do fully recommend this book! It was amazing! It was clean! It was wholesome. I loved the hope and the character development in it. This author did a great job in making the reader feel all the feelings the characters were going through I enjoyed it greatly and it’s a book I feel I could read over and over! 5 StarFormat: Audio Book

Source: The Samurai’s Garden Review


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