Fight Club Review

Since this is a well-known classic, I’ll just get straight into my review without my normal formalities. I didn’t even want to review this book because I know how well loved this book and movie are. Well, at least the movie. I have yet to see the movie. I may actually watch it just because. I couldn’t even tell you why I haven’t seen it yet. I want to make it very clear that I loved the story itself. I loved the story behind it. I think I may even really adore the movie. I just couldn’t get past the repetitiveness of “Tyler says”. I swear I think I heard that a million times. I should probably go back and actually grab and read a physical copy of this book. And I may do that. I want to see if it is really written as confusingly as the narrator narrated it. I really hope not! It constantly switched points of view. I had to rewind it a few times to fully get some things.I still liked it, though. I still recommend it. I am ashamed of myself for having known about this for so long and never having read it or watched the movie. Don’t let my pettiness over repetitiveness and points of view steer anybody away from a potentially great read for them! Three StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Fight Club Review


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