Finders Keepers Review

Jane Barnaby is living her dream. She’s attending a wonderful school in England. She has a wonderful advisor who she adores completely. So when he asks her for a huge favor, she accepts without hesitation. Due to a mix-up, though, what would have been a simple trip turns into a high-speed chase that has her unsure of what to do and who to turn to. Can she make it to her professor safely? Or is she doomed to lose it all? Wow! This was an amazing read! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! This book was full of adventure and chaos. I loved every moment of it and can fully see this turning into an action packed movie. There wasn’t really much I didn’t like about this book. I do wish there were characters that had a bigger part in it. The narrator did a great job as well. I loved her impressions of all the characters! I was very impressed and I would be fully willing to hear other books read by her. Sadly, I don’t remember her name. I need to make a better point of remembering the narrators’ names. Especially the ones who do as great of a job as this one did!I fully recommend this book! It’s full of danger and adventure. I was on edge the whole time and couldn’t wait to read more. I will be reading more books by this author and the rest of this series! Jane has become one of my favorite characters of all times! I’m glad I got to read this! 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: Finders Keepers Review


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