Philosophy by Rahmel Garner Review

This is a very quick and easy yet complex read. It was very enlightening. It’s definitely the type of book that really gets your brain going. I especially loved the poetic parts. I read most of it out loud to my dogs. They didn’t really appreciate that. Other than a few little typos, there really wasn’t anything wrong with this book. It could use a little polish, but most books out there can. It doesn’t matter how many times a book is gone through. Mistakes will always be found. I really loved the author’s witty references and way of speaking. It was humorous and entertaining. It was also educational and inspiring. I fully recommend this peace. I was blown away by how amazing it was to read. It definitely exceeded my expectations of it for sure. 5 StarsFormat: Kindle E-Book

Source: Philosophy by Rahmel Garner Review


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