The Flame And The Arrow Book Review

Annika is devastated and confused not knowing where her life is heading. She decides to take time away from her life to spend at her uncle’s for a brief time away. While there, she meets a mysterious man who intrigues her attention. The circumstances that follow them meeting gets her trapped in another realm with types of people she didn’t even know existed.This book is so creative and imaginative! I just couldn’t get enough of it! I loved it! I listened to it in an audio book, but I will find a way to own a physical copy of this book to have on my shelf! I’ll obtain the rest of the series too! It’s so addictive and fun! I loved all the characters and their witty humor. It was an amazing read.The narrator was great! He did such a great job giving all the characters their own flair and bringing the story to life in a vivid sense. I loved it. It didn’t hurt that he had a very dreamy voice. I didn’t let that distract me from the story too much though! I fully recommend this book! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series! It’s witty, it’s fun, it’s realistic (to an extent of course), and it’s edgy! It’s everything I love in a book. I love to be kept on my toes but wowed with witty characters! I’m so glad I got to read this book! (Currently Free)Rating: 5 StarsFormat: Audible Audiobook I’m an independent consultant for three companies. You can find the links to their pages below as well as a link to my Patreon page. All contributions will be appreciated and rewarded. The rewards are listed on the page. If you could, please help support this: you’d love to join or buy nails from Jamberry: you are interested in removing the chemicals out of your life please check out Young Living (Please put my member ID in when signing up. 11810375): you a leggings fan? Check out Lala Leggings:

Source: The Flame And The Arrow Book Review


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