Hour Twelve Challenge For #24in48

So, for those of you who don’t know, there’s readathon going on this weekend. Well, there’s a few, but that’s not the point. This one does a post every three hours. Every now and then it has some challenges. I am rather fond of the challenges. This challenge is about audiobooks and road trips. There are two different challenges. We are able to pick one or the other. I’m choosing both! The challenges: 1. Which three audiobooks would you recommend for a road trip and why? OR2. If you could make a road trip to any three bookish locations, what would they be? Challenge 1:I’m technically choosing more than three, but they go together so it still counts in my defense. 1. I would definitely recommend this book and its sequels. I mean they go on a trip, and you’ll be going on a trip while listening right? Plus these books are so captivating!!!2. This book is another great read. Annika gets stuck in another world when portal’s to our world are mysteriously closed off for no apparent reason. It would probably be best to read the sequels to this as well. Really great reads! 3. This book definitely has intense traveling undertones. It’s a fun and easy to follow along with. I haven’t seen the movie, but I listened to and LOVED the audio book. Challenge 2: 1. Hogwarts I mean, who wouldn’t right? I’d totally have been a Ravenclaw had my letter not gotten lost in the mail! 2. Genovia The series talks about how beautiful and majestic Genovia is. I would love to visit such a beautiful and awe inspiring place! Especially the palace! 3. The Royal Court Of Vampire Academy I mean besides the fact that you would get to see royalty, the stores and places in the area just sound so amazing. It’s like there’s a city in the middl

Source: Hour Twelve Challenge For #24in48


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