When I Break Review

This book is about a sex addict falling in love with a virgin who falls in love with him as well. They both have very dark pasts and they battle demons every day. Can they put their fears aside and be together? Or are they doomed to be tortured by their feelings and fears?I really loved this story. I was hesitant to read it at first. I gave myself the wrong impression of this book. I’m glad I did give it a chance, though. I was way wrong on my assumption of this book. It was very emotional and raw. I fell in love with the characters and can’t wait to read the other two! Only thing was I wish that I could have seen more of the rest of the characters.The narrator did a great job on this book. I can’t complain at all. He definitely put the emotions into the story. I really do feel that it would have been better with a male and female narrator, though. Not that the guy didn’t do a good job. He did. It would have just given more to the story with both male and female narrators.I fully recommend this book. It’s heavy and emotional. I loved every minute of it and hardly wanted to stop listening to it. I do need to advise that this has adult content and should be left to more mature audiences. I enjoyed this book very much and can’t wait to read the other two to find out what happens!https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19540226-when-i-breakRating: 5 StarsFormat: Audio Book

Source: When I Break Review


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